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AUD $34.00

STONE BRIDGE - 2 inch river and reeds


Single-span stone bridge spans short river section.

2 inch wide river (RV20)

15mm wide bridge

Bridge measures approx.
190mm (7.5 inches) long
50mm (2in) wide
40mm (1.5 inches) high.

Water section measures approx. 90mm (3.5 inches) long.

Width: 50.00 mm
Depth: 0.00 mm
Scale: 15mm
AUD $25.00

STONE BRIDGE - Free standing


Free-standing single-span stone bridge is suitable for use with
any river up to 80mm (a little over 3in) wide.

15mm bridge measures approx.

190mm (7.5in) long
50mm (2in) wide
40mm (1.5in) high.

Scale: 20mm
AUD $34.00



Single-span ruined stone bridge suitable for use with Riv20 range of rivers.

  • 2 inch wide river.
  • 15mm bridge
  • Approx. 190mm (7.5in) in length
  • Approx. 50mm (2in wide).
  • Piece including river measures approx. 90mm (3.5in)

Scale: 15mm
AUD $28.00

RUINED BRIDGE - Free standing - 15mm


Free-standing ruined bridge measures approx. 50mm - (2 inch) in width.

May be used with any river.

Scale: 15mm
AUD $30.00

WIDE STONE BRIDGE - wide river/reeds


Single-span bridge with short river section.

Use with WR01 and WR15 rivers.

4 inch wide river.
25mm troops.

Bridge measurements approx.
190mm (7.5in) long
80mm (3.25in) wide
40mm (1.5in) at highest point.

Piece measures approx. 100mm (4in).

Scale: 25mm -28mm
AUD $42.50

STONE BRIDGE - 3 ARCH - 15mm - wide river


3-span narrow stone bridge spans 4in + wide river.

Use with wide rivers WR01 and WR15.
15mm troops.

Bridge measures approx.
340mm (13.5in) in length.
40mm (0.5in) wide
Arches approx. 30mm (1.25in) in height.

Scale: 15mm
AUD $37.50

STONE BRIDGE - 3 ARCH - Free standing - 15mm


3-span free-standing narrow stone bridge suitable for use with rivers up to 100mm (4in) wide.

  • 15mm troops.
  • Approx. 340mm (13.5in) in length.
  • Approx. 40mm (1.5in) wide.
  • Approx. 30mm (1.25in) high.

Scale: 15mm

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