Products: Rivers

AUD $29.50

STREAM or NARROW RIVER - 1/2" wide plus banks - Long section with fords


1/2 inch wide river can be used as a stream or a narrow river. The banks are a mix of flat and rocky.

This section measures approx. 3'2" in length, (0.95 metre) and has two fords. It can be rolled up for easy transportation.

Scale: 15mm
AUD $30.00



Double-arched bridge is a wider version of RV21j.

  • The bridge stands on rectangular river section measuring approx. 185mm x 50mm.
  • Bridge width approx. 50mm (2 inch) wide, plus bridge walls.
  • Length 170mm (6.5 inches).
  • Height 25mm (1 inch).
  • River 50mm (2 inches wide).
  • Suitable for use with Rv20 range.

Scale: 15mm
AUD $35.00

CANAL SECTION - 15mm or 25mm


Section of canal suitable for either 15mm or 25mm.

  • Length approx. 300mm (12")
  • Total width including banks approx. 200mm (8")
  • Water width approx 100mm (4")
Width: 200.00 mm
Depth: 300.00 mm
Scale: 15mm
AUD $32.50

DBA WATERWAY - 2 x 1ft lengths


DBA TERRAIN - Waterway.

2 x 1ft lengths as shown in the image.

Can be joined together at narrow ends or wider ends, as required.

Scale: 15mm

Scenery and Terrain for Miniature Wargames