Products: Sea/Coastline

AUD $30.00

LONG ROCK - 1/600th scale


Long rock with small, sandy beach.

  • 10ins (250mm) in length
  • 3ins (75mm) at widest point
  • Rock 4ins (100mm) at highest point
  • Beach join is compatible with coastline sections from SN01 range

May be used with other scales

Width: 250.00 mm
Depth: 75.00 mm
Scale: 6mm
AUD $32.50

DBA WATERWAY - 2 x 1ft lengths


DBA TERRAIN - Waterway.

2 x 1ft lengths as shown in the image.

Can be joined together at narrow ends or wider ends, as required.

Scale: 15mm

Scenery and Terrain for Miniature Wargames