Products: Sea/Coastline > 1/2400th scale

AUD $11.00

COASTLINE - SMALL ISLAND + rocks (6 pce)


Pack containing one small island measuring approx. 4ins x 2ins (100mmx 50mm) plus five small rocks of various shapes and sizes.

N.B. These coastline sections are suitable for use with 1/2400th scale, 1/1200th scale, and others.

Width: 100.00 mm
Depth: 50.00 mm
Scale: 6mm
AUD $8.50



Pack of 10 small rocks suitable for seascapes up to 15mm.

Scale: 6mm
AUD $55.00

LARGE ISLAND with HARBOUR - 1/2400th


Large rocky island with woods has inlet with harbour and measures approx. 11ins x 11.75ins (290mm x 270mm) at widest points.

The image shows two different views of the island. (Ship not included)

Suitable for use with 1/2400th scale.

Width: 290.00 mm
Depth: 270.00 mm
Scale: 6mm

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