About Miniature World Maker


Callan is to blame!

In 1974 I saw an episode of Callan which briefly featured a wargame table crammed with regimentally positioned miniatures and superb terrain.

From that single moment I was hooked!

Initially I made small bases for air-planes. selling them through the local hobby shop, and a few items for my own use.

By the early eighties, after much travelling around, my wife Pat and I finally settled in one place. Our house had a large shed - and my part-time hobby quickly turned into an obsession.For several years I produced figurines for the war-game market, but I really wanted to make terrain.

GOOD terrain.

I wanted to make scenery that was realistic, pleasing to the eye, strong and durable, and was also affordable.

Now, more than twenty years later (and after much experimentation) we have around 850 products made from either latex, styrene, or resin, and a never-ending list of new items to make. After all these years our priority is still to make strong, realistic, affordable terrain that you - our customers - are happy to use, and that we at Miniature World Maker are happy to provide.

Jim Mason

Scenery and Terrain for Miniature Wargames