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AUD $20.00

RIVER with 10mm BRIDGE - 1 inch



River section with 10mm wide bridge

  • Measures approx. 5" (125mm) in length.
  • River approx. 1"in wide, plus banks.
  • Total width approx. 3in wide.
Width: 30 mm
Depth: 0 mm
Scale: 15mm
AUD $18.00

STONE BRIDGE - with RIVER - 15mm


TWO AVAILABLE - Please note, there will be a short delay for this item.

Small river section with stone bridge, suitable for 15mm.

  • Piece measures approx. 75mm (3in) in length, and 100mm (4in) in width.
  • River approx. 1.25in wide, plus banks.
  • Use as river for 6mm or 10mm, stream for 15mm upwards.
Width: 0 mm
Depth: 0 mm
Scale: 15mm

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