Products: Jungle

AUD $40.00

PLANTATION - Jungle Terrain (5) - 25mm


Five small circular sections jungle terrain.

  • Largest approx. 3ins (75mm) at widest point.
  • Use with a base mat (open ground) to represent an area of jungle.
  • Suitable for 25mm
  • Suitable for use with most rules

Scale: 15mm
AUD $70.00

AFRICAN VILLAGE - Removable roofs - 25mm


Village has four circular mud huts with removable roofs.

  • Base size measures approx. 190mm x 200mm (7 1/2" x 8").
  • Huts - including roof - are approx. 1.5ins (35mm) in height.
  • Suitable for 25mm
Width: 250.00 mm
Depth: 250.00 mm
Scale: 25mm -28mm
AUD $50.00



Large Mayan temple

Base measurements 5 1/4" x 6" and it is approx. 3 3/4" tall.

Width: 130.00 mm
Depth: 150.00 mm
Scale: 15mm

Scenery and Terrain for Miniature Wargames